Dr. Muhammed Abdul Hakkim Al-Azhari is an Islamic Scholar, Leader, Educator and Activist who envisioned the idea of providing educational and humanitarian aid for the development of the Muslim minority in India. Taking charge of the legacy gifted by the Muslim scholarship in India, he came out as a vibrant teacher for millions and an empathizer for the needy. From changing methods and methodologies, Dr. Al-Azhari is a change setter in bringing holistic development to different social paradigms of the society, and the educational sector in specific. In a Post-Independent India, a nation which is united against several odds and obstacles, his main goal was to empower the Muslim minority through education and various other philanthropic initiatives that helped the people up in different parts of the country.

Education & Professional Career

Quality education benefits in quality character. Dr. Al-Azhari, a proud alumnus of Al-Azhar University – Cairo, Ambedkar University – Bihar and Jamia Markaz – Calicut has always been a visionary leader who stood up for justice, equality and truth, a man of high order intelligence and a leader with the power to mould and inspire the new generation. For Indian Muslims, Dr. Al-Azhari is a man of impeccable leadership and willpower, who has chosen the right path of enlightenment undergirded by his thoughts on the Islamic philosophy of development for the last 25 years. To appreciate the idea of Islam and wisdom, he founded Jamia Madeenathunnur in 2001, to nurture, support and enhance a generation of Islamic scholars who can lead the way to humanity and brotherhood.

Dr. Al-Azhari is a man of impeccable leadership and willpower, who has chosen the right path of enlightenment undergirded by his thoughts on the Islamic philosophy of development for the last 25 years

With great power comes great responsibility. Being the torchbearer of Markaz Knowledge City, Dr. Al-Azhari put forward the idea of cultural and social hubs of education which can efficiently mould the new generation of leaders in multiple development sectors. Serving as the Secretary-General of Relief and Charitable Foundation of India (RCFI), he has led hundreds of projects that supported the minority community in thousands of ways. Being a strong leader from the community, Dr Al-Azhari is preaching the value and glory of Islam and its Brotherhood, and the need to uphold it during these trying times. At a time when the world is going through a deadly pandemic and political crisis, a leader like Dr Muhammed Abdul Hakkim Al-Azhari, who can stand up for humanity, action and peace will be the need of the hour.

Being the chairman of the Ideal Association for Minority Education (IAME), Dr Al-Azhari has been constantly trying to advance social justice, through systematic and quality educational programmes, and bearing witness to the upliftment of the Muslim community in India. A great linguist and a proficient scholar, he also serves as the National Executive Member of the National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language and as the Chairman of the Committee on Distance Learning (Arabic). With his academic interventions and dialogue exchanges across the globe, Dr Al-Azhari has the moral vision to transform the community socially, intellectually and emotionally. As a vocal leader representing the Muslim community in India, he has been invited to speak and present his academic papers at various international conferences and summits including the Muslim Religious Leaders Summit for Asia and Pacific Countries in Turkey, Thasawwuf Conference in Morocco, Doha Conference of Interfaith Dialogue in Qatar, International Manuscript Conference in the U.K and so on goes the list of his milestones and achievements.

Awards & Achievements

Dr Al-Azhari is the proud recipient of Nalakath Marakarutty Musliyar Puraskaram, Goodwill Award and a few more significant awards for his inevitable support and service in the welfare of the Muslim community across the nation, philanthropy, education and various other social services.


He has been engaging with the mainstream through his writings, among which a Shama’il-u-nabi – Anudhavanathinte Anandam: thirunabiyude jeevitha pakarppukal (trans. The Joy of Emulation: the Life of Prophet Muhammed ﷺ – which is one of the best sellers in Malayalam language and translated into various local and international languages;

Biography- Vismaya Vilasam (trans: The Holy Address: Biography of Shaikh Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi)

Travelogue - Bosfarasinte Bagyam (trans. The Fortune of Bosporus)

Essays– Thiru kesham- madeenayude sammanam (trans. The Holy Relics of Prophet Muhammed ﷺ)

Study– Qasedathul Burda; (trans. A Study on Qaseedathul Burda); the translation of Dr. Usama al-Azhari’s al- Haqq al-Mubeen fi raddi ala man tala’ba fi dheen (trans. Bheegarathayude adiverukal, The Roots of Extremism) are a few notable contributions.

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