Grand Iftar at Badrul Kubra: Nourishing Souls and Fostering Unity Among 25,000 at Jamiul Futuh

The spiritual conference ‘Badrul Kubra’ held at Jamiul Futuh, The Indian Grand Masjid served as a meaningful platform for spiritual reflection and communal unity. Inaugurated by the esteemed Grand Mufti of India, Sheikh Abubacker Ahmed, and presided over by E. Sulaiman Musliyar, the event commenced at 1 PM and extended late into the night. Drawing parallels with the valor of the companions of Badr, Sheikh Abubacker Ahmed instilled the timeless lessons of courage and commitment as he ignited a flame of self-esteem and dedication within his followers. Attendees, hailing from diverse backgrounds, both local and distant, converged to engage in enriching discussions and spiritual activities.

Throughout the conference, attendees were swept away by a symphony of profound themes as Dr. Abdul Hakeem Azhari, the chief Imam of Jamiul Futuh, The Indian Grand Masjid delivered a keynote address resonating with unswerving wisdom. Evoking the spirit of solidarity, he emphasized support for the oppressed, particularly the people of Palestine, while condemning the injustices inflicted by Israel and passionately advocated for non-violence towards the vulnerable, particularly children and women, while also emphasizing the sacred duty of protecting trees as guardians of our environment, weaving together threads of compassion, justice, and environmental stewardship.

Moreover, the conference featured a variety of engaging programs, including recitations of Badreeyam and Badr Qissa, the annual Mahlarathul Badriyya conference, and spiritual gatherings, providing attendees with opportunities for introspection and communal bonding. The conclusion of the ‘Badrul Kubra’ conference underscored its enduring relevance and the majestic legacy of Badr. Attendees departed with a renewed sense of spiritual vigor and communal solidarity. Looking forward, it is recommended that future iterations of such conferences continue to prioritize themes of social justice, solidarity, and environmental sustainability, drawing inspiration from the teachings of Badr to address contemporary challenges and facilitate positive societal change.

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